Now on sale

You will be able to buy these CD in a music shop in Japan and an overseas import shop.
And, when we go to the foreign country to work, it seems to be sold in the hall.


2,500 yen __ Japanese shop
2.Hyuga Kobiki Uta
3.Yamma Yahho
4.The Parting Drums of Sakai Sumiyoshi
5.Inoji Issaikoku
6.Alma Redemptoris Mater
7.Hodie Christus natus est
8.Hodie beata Virgo Maria
9.The Owl's Eyeglasses
10.Birth of a Firefly
11.Hanairo Chameleon
12.The Tiger's Clothes
13.The Owl's Request
14.The Everlasting Sea

2,500 yen __ Japanese shop
1.How to Be the Wind
2.Making out
3.Reluctant replies
4.A Lover's Obligation
6.I wonder if it's snowing
7.The Acwuiescent Ones
8.Be Modest, but Stay Alert
9.heart Inside 8 Triangle
10.Women who Ruin Men
11.Natural Disasters
12.An Encounter, Borne of a Parting
13.A Bird, a Bell and I
14.A Dream Seller
15.Grassland at Night
16.Light Snow
17.Lawn Grass

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